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Studio D

Solid State Logic 4000 G+ - 80 inputs
Augspurger monitors (TAD) with custom sub woofers

Outboard Gear

Neve 1073 mic pres (4)
API 3124 mic pres (8 ch)
Focusrite ISA 110 Mic Pre/EQ (2)
Focusrite Red 6 Mic Pre/EQ
Focusrite Red 3 stereo comp
Avalon 737sp Tube Chanel Strip (2)
Avalon AD2044 2 ch/Stereo Opto-Compressor
Summit DCL-200
Summit Audio TLA-100
Chandler TG1 Stereo Compressor/Limiter
Lexcon 200 Digital Reverb
Lexicon 300L Digital  Effects System
Valley People Gain Brain II  (2)
Valley People Kepex II (7)
Valley People Maxi-Q
CBS FM Volumax limiter
Eventide DSP4500
Eventide Instant Flanger
Eventide Instant Phaser


Studio D 1.jpg
Studio E 1.jpg
Studio E

Solid State Logic SL9000 J - 64 inputs

Custom TAD monitors w/Meyer Sound Lab X-400 Sub Woofer System (optional)


AMS DMX-1580S delay/2 ch. sampler

AMS RMX-16 reverb

API 512 mic pres (2)

API 550 eq's (3)

API 560b eq

DBX 160 compressors (2)

DBX 160x compressors (2)

DBX 902 de'essers (5)

Delta-Lab Super Time Line

Drawmer DS201 gates (4 ch)

E.A.R. tube eq - pultec type (2)

Empirical Labs Distressors (2)

Empirical Labs FATSO Jr.

Eventide DSP4000 Ultra-Harmonizer

Eventide H3000SE Ultraharmonizer

Eventide Instant Flanger

FMR really nice compressor-stereo (2)

Studio F


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