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Floating Gear

For use in any of our studios - if available:


AMS DMX-1580S delay/2 ch. sampler (2)
Aphex Dominator II Limiter
DBX 900 rack - loaded
Electrix Filter Queen

Elysia XFILTER 500 Stereo EQ
Eventide H3000S Ultraharmonizer
Eventide DSP 4500 Ultraharmonizer (w/ sampling)
Focusrite Red Range 500 Series Mic Pre (2)
Genelec 8040A 5.1 SURROUND Monitor System

GML 8200 Series II Stereo EQ
Klark Teknik DN780 reverb/fx
Korg A2 FX Processor 

KRK V8, V6 & V4 monitors
Mutron Bi-Phase

MXR modular blue Mini Limiter (2)


Neve 8 channel Rack:

  • 31102 Mic Pre/Eq (8068 console module) (2)

  • 1066 custom 4-band mic pre/eq (2)

  • 1073 Mic Pre/Eq (2)

  • Wunder Audio PEQ1 Mic Pre/Eq (1073 style)


Neve 1081 Classic Mic Pre/Eq (2)

Neve 33609C Dual Compressor/Limiter

SSL G384 FX Stereo Bus Compressor
Studer A827 Analog 24-track recorder

Trident  A-Range 500 Series EQ (2)

Trident 80B 500 Series EQ (2)

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