Studio Booking and Usage Policy

Booking & Credit


A booking is considered “on hold” and not confirmed until either a purchase order from a major record company, or a cash deposit is received. Clients not paying via a major record company, or a company we have approved for credit, must pay 50% of the booking in advance – in order to have the booking be considered firm. We reserve the right to be paid in full before the session begins. Funds must clear before the session start. 



Minimum Booking

Hourly bookings of 6 or more hours will have a 6 hour minimum. We don't accept bookings of less than 4 hours unless special arrangements are made.


Session Start & Overtime


Session start time begins at the time you have scheduled, regardless of clients, files or equipment being present. Same-day start time changes may incur an additional charge. Overtime is billed hourly when a session goes longer than 12 hours. Overtime is 10% of the daily rate per hour or partial hour.




You must give at least 48 hours notice if you wish to cancel a session. If cancelled less than 48 hours prior to a session, there will be a 50% cancellation fee. If a cancellation occurs less than 24 hours prior to a session, we reserve the right to collect the full session charges.


Past Due Accounts

If an account is past due, immediate collection and legal action may commence. In addition to the studio charges, you are responsible for all legal and collection fees, if applicable. Past due invoices (30 days from invoice date) accrue a 1.5% interest charge per month until balance is paid in full.


Equipment Charges


Please read equipment lists on our website. There is no charge for any floating gear. Equipment that is on a control room "gear list" in a room that you are not working in can be used, when available, but will incur an additional charge. For example, you’re mixing in Studio B, and you want to use an equalizer that lives in Studio A -  if it’s available, there would be a rental charge. We reserve the right to modify our equipment collection as we strive for perfection!


Runner & Rebill Charges


A runner will usually be available for your session. Any runs you require that are farther than 3 miles from the studio will incur a $25 charge. We reserve the right to decline excessively long runs. Any purchases that we pay for, that are to be billed to your session (food budgets, etc), will incur a 20% rebill charge.

Client Session Files

We generally keep sessions on our computer for 3-6 months, but this is not a guarantee. Clients should back up/copy all session files ASAP after a session. Creating stems, bounces  or transferring files is considered session time . We do not archive client files.


Software Plug-ins


If you need to use plug-ins with our in-house computers that we don’t have installed, you have the following options:


  1. Bring your i-lock and you can install the software on our system.

  2. Rent the plug-in (most plug-ins are available for rent)

  3. Buy the plug-in and temporarily install on our system.

  4. Bring your own system in to use on the session.


In the event that you wish to install any software, albeit temporarily, your assistant for the session, employed by The Mix Room, will do the install for you.  Please be advised that upon completion of recording projects, we will uninstall and remove all software and plug-ins added by clients for which The Mix Room is not the licensee. We do not allow demo versions or cracked versions of plug-ins on our systems.